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About us

Hydroisotop GmbH is working in the area of natural isotope contents in the systems water, gas, and rock for 35 years and deals with special geological and hydrogeological questions of deep, mineral, thermal, and medicinal waters. Besides the analysis of natural and artificial isotopes in environmental systems and food the company is specialised in determining of pollutants in water, gas, and soil materials. Above all, Hydroisotop is a benchmark in the area of measuring and interpreting isotope signatures in contaminants.

The company was founded in 1982. The founders Dr. L. Eichinger and Dr. M. Forster, both physicists, received their Phd degrees studying the determination and interpretation of natural isotope contents in the environment. The major topics of their research has been the ground and drinking water. Over the years close cooperations with several research instituts, have been build.

Where as the company started out with an emphasis on isotope investigation in natural systems, especially groundwater it has grown its portfolio significantly. Today we have a fundamental experience and background in the analyis of organic pollutants in groundwater and soil, the analyses of gases (especially the quantitative gas content analysis of water samples), the isotope analysis of contaminants, the fundamental research and application of isotope methods in the food sector. Besides the isotope and hydrochemical investigation also tracer and hydraulic tests are the scope of services carried out by Hydroisotop GmbH.

During the past 35 years the staff of  Hydroisotop GmbH has build expert  knowledge and a reputation in the field of analysis of environmental isotopes, the development of measurement technics, as well as project management and evaluation of groundwater and thermal water exploration for many years.

Scientific experience of the hydrochemical, geochemical and hydraulic characteristics of aquatic systems are requirements for the interpretation of isotope contents and allows us to develope systems for drinking and waste water treatment.