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GeoMünster 2019: F.Eichinger Mi 25.09.2019 10:00 Session 8c und Poster 49 Mo 23.09.2019 Session 8b

03 September 2019

Bei der GeoMünster 22-25. September 2019 in Münster hält

Florian Eichinger in der

Session 8c, Location: Schlossplatz 4: SP4 201 (140 seats)

"Geosciences and safe nuclear waste disposal – current status and future directions"

am Mittwoch 25.09.2019 um 10:00 einen Vortrag über

"Investigation of porewater in bedrocks – important tools for the geohydrological characterisation and safety assessment of potential deep radioactive waste deposits"


Treffen Sie uns am Montag 23.09.2019 am Poster 49 Session 8b

Heidinger et al. "Krypton-81 feasibility study on deep thermal groundwaters in the karstified Upper Jurassic limestone of the Molasse basin (Germany-Austria)"