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Research articles published

28 Juli 2020

Current issues of Applied Geochemistry and Geothermal Energy feature two scholarly articles under (co-)authorship of Dr. Florian Eichinger:

 EICHINGER F, GIMMI T, MÖRI A, RÜEDI J (2020) Profiles of chloride in matrix porewater as natural tracer for matrix diffusion in crystalline rocks. Applied Geochemistry 118: 104635 

REGENSPURG S, IANNOTTA J, ZIMMERMANN F J, EICHINGER F (2020) Hydrogen sulfide removal from geothermal fluids by Fe(III)‑based additives. Geotherm Energy 8: 21

The first article is focussed on porewater characterisation in low permeable crystalline rocks and chloride porewater profiles in granodiorite simulated by diffusive transport models.

 The second article, to which Hydroisotop employee Joy Iaonetta contributed as well, describes a new method for H2S removal from thermal water and contains documentation of in situ experiments at an Austrian geothermal plant.