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Field analysis

A number of analyses / measurements in the environmental science can be done directly during sampling:

ground water

 temperature (T)  DIN 38404 Teil 4
 pH-value (tmeas.)  DIN 38404-5: 1984-01 (C5)
 spec. el. conductivity (25 °C)  EN 27888: 1993-11
 dissolved oxygen (O2)  DIN 38408-G22
 redox potential  DIN 38404-C6
 alkalinity at pH 4,3 (SK 4,3)  DIN 38409-7: 2004-03
 Base capacity at pH 8,2 (BK 8,2)  DIN 38409-7: 2004-03
 turbidity visual DIN EN ISO 7027-C2 
 color  DIN EN ISO 7887-C1
 smell and taste  DEV B1/2
water table light plummet
pumping rate volumetric dosing system
experimental degassing pressure in-house method
pressure barometer
weather gaze to the sky
air temperature thermometer
air pressure barometer
wind direction moistened thumb and compass

Ground air, indoor air

Methane (CH4)  
Carbon dioxide (CO2)  
Radon (222Rn) area dosimeter
α-, β-, γ-radiation Geiger-Mueller counter