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Areas of Work
Filter techniques for selective reduction of undesirable components from drinking, medical, and mineral water

Geogenic and anthropogenic, inorganic and organic pollutants pose severe risks for our water. Substances like arsenic, fluoride, nitrate, or organic carbon compounds dissolved in water can be removed selectively from water by using filters. Since the quality of water is a special concern for the Hydroisotop GmbH we are actively dealing with the development and optimisation of filter systems with regards to mineral, drinking, and waste water.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Individual design and concepts for filter and treatment devices of all scales

  • Installation of fully automated filter devices

  • Distribution of filter material (e.g. hydroFilt® ) for the selective removal of inorganic, organic, and radioactive hazardous substances from water

Removal of undesired compounds from drinking, medicinal, and mineral water

Geogenic conditions can cause elevated concentrations of compounds like fluoride, arsenic, antimony, uranium, radium, and radon in groundwater. Applying filter systems a selective removal of these unwanted substances from drinking, mineral, and waste water is possible without changing the chemical composition of the water. In case the content of a dissolved substance in drinking and mineral water (see table) is exceeding the threshold value of the mineral and table water regulation a treatment of the water is mandatory.

For this purpose we recommend the installation of filter systems adapted to the individual requirements which offers the following benefits:

  • high selectivity for undesired compounds
  • characteristic ion contents are not altered
  • competitive
  • reusability
  • individually adaptable
  • fully automatable

The following filter materials and systems for the reduction and removal of dissolved substances are offered:

Substance / compound Method Filter material Limit EU:
Drinking water
Limit EU:
Mineral water
Limit EU:
waste water
Fluoride (F) Filtration hydroFilt®-F 1.5  5 (0.7)  20-50
Nitrate (NO3) ion exchange   50 50 (10)  
Nitrite (NO2) ion exchange   0.5 0.1 5
Phosphate (PO4) Filtration hydroFilt®-PO4     2
Ammonium (NH4) Filtration hydroFilt®-NH4 0.5   20-100
Radium (Ra) Filtration hydroFilt®-Ra 0.5 (125 mBq/l 226Ra, 20 mBq/l 228Ra)  
Radon (Rn) Degassing   100 Bq/l    
Uranium (U) Filtration hydroFilt®-U 0.5 (0.002)  
Iron (Fe) Filtration/Precipitation hydroFilt®-Fe 0.2   3
Manganese (Mn) Filtration/Precipitation hydroFilt®-Mn 0.05 0.5 (0.059  
Arsenic (As) Filtration hydroFilt®-As 0.01 0.1 (0.005) 0.1
Antimony (Sb) Filtration hydroFilt®-Sb 0.005 0.005  
Lead (Pb) Filtration hydroFilt®-Pb 0.01 0.01 0.5
Copper (Cu) Filtration hydroFilt®-Cu 2 1 0.5
Nickel (Ni) Filtration hydroFilt®-Ni 0.02   0.5
Chromium (Cr) Filtration hydroFilt®-Cr 0.05 0.05 0.5
Vanadium (V) Filtration hydroFilt®-V      
Mercury (Hg) Filtration hydroFilt®-Hg 0.001 0.001 0.05
Selenium (Se) Filtration hydroFilt®-Se 0.01 0.01 1
Cadmium (Cd) Filtration hydroFilt®-Cd 0.005 0.003 0.2
Boron (B) Filtration hydroFilt®-B      
Silicate (SiO2) Filtration hydroFilt®-Si      
Barium (Ba) Filtration hydroFilt®-Ba      
Cesium (Cs) Filtration hydroFilt®-Cs      
Dispersive substances Filtration hydroFilt®-Sub 1 NTU    
Organic compounds Filtration hydroFilt®-org