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Start of Horizon2020 research project CRM-geothermal

26 Juli 2022

In the frame of the research project CRM-geothermal (Raw materials from geothermal fluids: occurence, enrichement, extraction) extraction methods of critical raw materials (e.g. Li, noble gases, Cu, Ni, Sr and rare earch elements) from geothermal fluids will be developed. Geothermal fluid data from different gelogical formations across Europe and the East African rift zone will be collected from the literature and data bases and compiled in an existing geothermal fluid atlas. Further, new data will be produced, and lab experiments for the extraction of critical raw materials will be conducted. We will support the committee consisting of 20 national and international partners by collecting geothermal fluid data, sampling campaigns, analyses and lab experiments.For further information please visit the project website: CRM-geothermal project - CRM-geothermal