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CEOs and owner of Hydroisotop GmbH


Dr. Florian Eichinger

Nuclear waste repository investigation, geothermal energy, isotope geochemistry, mineralogy, filter technology

Scientists and consultants

Dr. Susanne Voerkelius

agricultural engineer
Isotope methods in the food and agrar sector, authenticity, portion of biogenic carbon in renewalbe resources


Michael Heidinger

Isotope hydrology, hydrogeology, isotopy of organic pollutants (HCH)


Erich Binder

Drinking water protection area, hydrogeology, isotope hydrology
Branch Baden-Württemberg


Dr. Christian Mair

Hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, modeling, geothermal energy, tracer tests, mineral water


Dr. Gesine Lorenz

isotope hydrology, isotope geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry, hydrogeology, radioaktivity, nuclear waste disposal investigation


Dr. Siegmund Ertl

Isotopy of organic pollutants (HCH, BTEX, pesticides)


Georg Schießl

Medicinal water, mineral water, exploration, air quality of Spas


Dr. Peter Rose

M.Sc. Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production
Filter technology, water treatment, water damage


Joy Iannotta

M.Sc. Geomaterials & Geochemistry
Mineralogy, geothermal energy, water damage


Vera Hehn

Hydrogeology, geothermal energy


Dr. Vera Winde

geologist, biologist


Laboratory, sampling, technics and IT

Dr. Stefan Wechner (Lab head)

food chemist
Quality management

Dr. Andreij Voropaev (Isotope lab)

Isotope analysis of gas, water, oil, solids, food

Ekkehard Schein (Quality management)

chemical engineer
Water chemistry, sampling

Josef Pichlmaier

food chemist
Water chemistry, isotope analysis, method development (HPLC, tracer), filter tests

Peter Maier (IT)

chemical assistant (CTA)
IT, technics, gas analysis, isotope analysis

Julia Kreitmayr

chemical assistant (CTA)
Water chemistry, chemistry lab

Dr. Dagmar Rohrmeier-Bauer

chemistry lab

Martin Niedermeier

chemical assistant (CTA)
Sampling, isotope analysis

Astrid Kettner

pharmaceutical helper
Isotope analysis

Janet Wohlgemuth

Isotope analysis


Shavin Farho

Isotope analysis, analysis of solids and air


Elisabeth Schranner

Isotope analysis

Werner Stadtherr

Technics, gasanalysis, isotope analysis

Karin Mittermüller

photo laboratory assistant, paediatric nurse
Isotope analysis


Gabriella Haris

Environmental and heavy industrial engineer
Isotope analysis, water chemistry

Secretariat and accounting

Therese Eichinger

Accounting and human resources

Josefine Steiger

Secretariat and receipt of samples

Carina Grabmair

Secretariat and receipt of samples