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Stable isotopes

Stable isotopes carry valuable informations to answer a variety of questions.

The following analyses in the area of stable isotopes are part of our portfolio:


Isotope Medium Method
18O/16O water (H2O), SO4, NO3, juices, alcoholic drinks, eggs, rock (gypsum), soil (NO3) IRMS, CRDS
2H/1H water (H2O), CH4, higher hydrocarbons (C1-C4), H2, CHC, BTEX, food additives IRMS, GC-MS-IRMS, CDRS
13C/12C water (DIC, DOC), CH4, C1-C4, CO2, CHC, BTEX, food, food additives, organic compounds IRMS, GC-MS-IRMS
15N/14N water and soil (NO3, NH4), gas (N2), food IRMS
34S/32S Water (SO4, H2S), food, rock (gypsum, sulphide) IRMS
37Cl/35Cl Water (Cl-), CHC IRMS
11B boric acid, food IRMS
6Li water (Li+), rock IRMS
3He/4He water, gas MS
40Ar/36Ar water, gas MS
20Ne, 21Ne, 22Ne water, gas MS
84Kr water, gas MS
132Xe water, gas MS
204Pb, 206Pb, 207Pb, 208Pb water, soil, rock TIMS

Feel free to contact us for additional isotope systems.

Results of stable isotope analyses are provided in the so called δ-notation as well as measured against standards.