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There are various chemical and physical methods available to analyse the composition and pollution as well as to identify or determine special characteristics of solids like

  • soil
  • rock
  • dust
  • precipiations and scalings
  • building material
  • mortar
  • food
  • etc.


Parameter Method Medium
chemical composition IC after extraction, X-ray fluorescence, CNS analysis soil, rock, dust, scalings, building material, mortar, food
trace elements ICP-MS after extraction, X-ray fluorescence soil, rock, dust, precipitations, building material, mortar, food
petrographic composition thin-section microscopy, XRF rock, soil, dust, precipiations
properties of materials reflected-light microscopy, SEM soil, rock, dust, precipitations, building material, mortar
characterisation of fluid inclusions microthermometry, Raman, FTIR-spectroscopy rock
porosity Hg-porosimetry rock
water content gravimetry rock, soil, building material, mortar
compressive resistence DIN EN 12390-3 building material
open porosity DIN EN 1936 building material
bulk density DIN EN 1936 building material
water penetration depth DIN EN 12390-8 building material
content of cement DIN EN 52170 building material