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Our performance

The analysis starts at the sampling. An important requirement for a reasonable analytical result is a clean and professional sampling including on-site measurements.

We are registered as an official laboratory for drinking water analysis at the Bavarian Ministry and carry out sampling in the implementation of the drinking water ordinance. Our qualified and certificated staff has comprehensive experience in the sampling of

  • raw water, drinking water, and natural Mineral waters

  • thermal waters up to ~150 °C

  • aquifers, also depth orientated to 100 m

  • surface waters

  • water samples for microbiological analysis

  • soil and soil gas

  • solid debris of excavated materials

We offer sampling concepts designed for your special requirements and consulting in all questions of sampling.

If you like to do your own sampling, we provide several sampling instructions and the additional sampling lists for download. In special cases we also provide sampling equipment. Please feel free to ask any question.

Sampling instructions for water are provided here