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Areas of Work
Mineral and medicinal / spa water

Guiding natural groundwater to a more significant use as mineral or medicinal water is an important contribution to improve the quality of life in our opinion.

Groundwater – Mineral and Spa water – Thermal water

Our scope of work contains:

  • Analyses according to the mineral and table water regulation (MinTafwV), VDM control analyses, and medicinal water analyses

  • Implementation of acceptance procedure for mineral and medicinal waters

  • Exploration of catchment areas of mineral, thermal, and medicinal waters

  • Exploration of mineral, thermal and medicinal water wells

  • Investigation of genesis, recharge, flow dynamics

  • Determination of age of groundwaters

  • Quantification of mixed water components and bank infiltrate proportions

  • Concept development and optimisation of deep wells and their useage

  • Consulting for multiple use of thermal waters (balneology, wellness, geothermal energy, CO2 natural gas exploitation)

  • Elaboration of monitoring concepts

  • Concept development, consulting, and distribution of conditioning devices