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Research Projects

Innovative adsorption process with Micro-adsorbents for the removal of half metal and heavy metal (especially arsenic) from water

Component project Hydroisotop
Innovation of a new micro-adsorbent adapted to the process requirements.

01.07.2015 – 31.12.2017

Project partners
- Institut für Lebensmitteltechnologie, Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT)

- Lehrstuhl für Lebensmittelchemie und molekulare Sensorik (LMS), Technische Universität München (TUM)

- Aqua Technologie Nörpol (ATN)

The goal is to create within the funding plan an innovative procedure for the removal of half metals and heavy metals from the water. To establish the procedure the focus is on arsenic due to its high relevance. The most important procedure for the removal of arsenic at present is based on soiled bed adsorbers with granular adsorbents. The innovation of the project described here is based on micro-adsorbents and aims to create an appropriate procedure. The downsizing of the adsorbents and the enlarged hydrodynamic in terms of an innovative procedure leads to an acceleration of the adsorption and a proliferation of the adsorption capacity. Therefore the profitability of the processes is enriched and significant reductions of adsorbents can be reached. Due to the huge costs caused by the adsorptive separation, the reduction of the adsorbents is the most important part considering the economic potential. Because of similar processes for the adsorptive water cleaning transferability to other substances is possible. Therefore a universal property of the procedure is given.