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Research Projects
Online enrichment of S- and Se-bearing organic compounds


Development of online enrichment of S- and Se-bearing organic compounds, a GC-qMS determination method for S and Se in organic compounds and a Se-isotope ratio analysis.


01.05.2020 - 30.04.2022

Project partners:

  • A.U.G. Signals Ltd., Toronto, Canada
  • Institute of Hydrochemistry, Technical University Munich


Algae outbreaks due to eutrophication of water bodies are a global ecological problem and are enhanced by climate change. Of special concern are the excretion of toxins by algae and thereby threat of poisoning of surface waters that are used for drinking water production, swimming, or fish farms. Continued monitoring of these water bodies and an early warning system which predicts algae outbreaks and toxin secretion is urgently needed to protect humans.
The project goal is a real-time monitoring system that directly collects online information in surface waters regarding nutrient matter and level of contamination as well as specific indicative parameters in order to predict algae growth and monitor accumulation of algaeic toxins. This monitoring plattform is connected to a cloud-based early warning system that utilizes the collected data and information to instantly and automatically spot an imminent algae outbreak and danger by toxins, thereby enabling early containment measures.

Funded by: AEF, ZIM.