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Research Projects
Rapid analysis for quantification of organic contaminants in excavated or demolished material


Innovative rapid analysis for semi-quantitative identification of organic contaminants in excavated or demolished material for recycling and/or disposal.


01.05.2020 - 30.09.2022


In surface and underground construction excavated or demolished material is subject to the European waste framework directive, which indicates that these materials need to be tested for certain hazardous substances. The construction industry’s efficient logistical process requires very rapid information on possible contamination in order to decide whether material is admissible for recycling or has to be deposited. Opposed to that is the long duration of environmental analysis from 5 to 10 days which result in material having to be temporarily stored.
Therefore the goal is to develop rapid analytical methods that can be applied on site in order to obtain a first indication regarding possible contamination. The innovative procedure allows the analysis of a wide variety of organic hazardous substances in one step via a GC-MS-analysis with an upstream fractioned vaporization/pyrolysis both on solid samples and eluate. Furthermore, a rapid elution method via ultrasound will be developed.

Funded by: AEF, ZIM.